Legal Labor Object Training

Faux Frau Lauren and Rudy producing No Barrier Back Packs.


Tracing and cutting pattern to share with participants in Baldwin HIlls


Plaids were a trend at this training


completed back pack without pocket


Completed back pack with pocket and worn as a protective barrier on the front.

Stop Shrining Our Pockets

Faux Frau’s please find tech packs and video instructions for the three pocket projects here:


Training production @ ILGWU


Gabe and Richard learning the machine



Faux Frau Kim providing support





Completed pockets by our new FF




Restructuring Statement

To capitalize on today’s rapidly changing sewing landscape and more closely align with the Sewing Rebellions priorities for future growth – including creating high-quality support for Faux Frau’s, global outward expansion of Rebellions, and direct sewing support through training materials.  The Sewing Rebellion announces a strategic reorganization and change of Frau Fiber’s role in weekly, and monthly Sewing Rebellions.  The reorganization will begin Sept 1, with completion by Jan 1, 2019.

“The Sewing Rebellion is positioning itself for the future of sewing, creating a more effective framework to serve future sewers worldwide, and increase growth by recruiting new Faux Frau’s”. In order to make room for this growth I will be stepping down from hosting regular Sewing Rebellions and devote my time to the creation of support materials: videos, production packages, and training sessions.  This will allow for much needed new leadership”, said Frau Fiber, founder of the Sewing Rebellion.

I hope you can join me for Faux Frau trainings in person at the ILGWU or via skype, on:


March Training

Hello Faux Frau’s, please join me in person, or via skype for Spring Training.  You can also expect Tech packs and Video instructions on these activities coming in the spring.

Sunday March 18, 2-5 pm PST @ ILGWU 322 Elm Ave, Long Beach CA

We will be demonstrating:

for April – knitted or crochet washcloths / hand towels from t-shirt yarn.

for May- Mend Kits   

for June: shirt aprons

Sewing Rebellion Maneuvers: basic training for Faux Frau’s

Sewing Rebellion Maneuvers: basic training for future Faux Frau’s @ Haystack the Mountain School of Crafts

The time is now! Take up your sewing machines and hand sewing needles honoring the labor behind the label. Under the direction of Frau Fiber participants will undertake a series of basic sewing, mending and fashion hacking maneuvers with the intention of training and initiating participants to become Faux Frau’s*.  Learn to mend with contrasting colors, drawing attention to extend the life of the garments you wear.  Modify your clothing, turn your jeans into shorts when the knee holes get too big; turn your t-shirts into shopping bags; and an old table cloth into a skirt.  Keep a lookout for unwanted cloth and make yourself an apron, poncho or frisbee.  Be proud, share and wear your mended and self-made clothing with pride!


*   At the completion of this course you have the option of swearing into the order of the Faux Frau’s, and consider how to instigate a Sewing Rebellion in your own community.

Haystack class

November Training

Hello Faux Frau’s, we are launching our quarterly training on Sunday November 5, 2-5 pm PST @ the ILGWU 322 Elm Ave, LB CA or you can join us via Skype or Google Hangouts.

This training exercise will cover: November SR Modern Machen: Penny Pinching Bags,

and first quarter 2018 Sewing Rebellion activities:

January: Hunters Hat Knock Off.
Materials:  denim, heavy weight exterior fabric, plush, flannel, soft interior fabric.

February: T-shirt is the problem, chunky knitted circular scarf.
Materials: 3-4 t-shirts, US 50 to 70.

March: Triangle Shirt Waist up-cycle.

Materials: 1 men’s shirt.


June Training


Friday June 16, 6:30-9:30 pm @ ILGWU 322 Elm Ave Long Beach, CA

IMG_2766.jpgSkill Level: Beginning, made from knit fabrics.  By Ms. Colette, New Orleans LA



Skill Level: Intermediate, complex pattern made from wovens fabric.  By Faux Frau Margaret.

Soviet Hippie May Day

This months Training will be held at Thank You For Coming, on Friday April 21, 6:30-9:30 pm.

We will learn about the history of May Day

and how to make a WENDE MUSEUM Russian Hippie Cape Knock off. Learn how the history of the Russian Hippie, while making a simple rectangle, Patchwerk, multi-use garment, made from old military tents, and other fabric remnants.

Russian Hippie Knock off drawing.jpg